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Airport STEBs Bag

Material to be used

transparent (high impact low density polyethylene (LDPE) or equivalent); recycleable and environment-friendly products if possible; and size and thickness (minimum of 50 microns) to be adjusted to the needs.

On the top face of the STEB

Closure : red tamper evident tape (minimum 30 mm tape with 40 mm release liner); high tack pressure sensitive self adhesive ; and integral security device/hidden graphic to show if tampered with.

Border : side and bottom weld be no less than 15 mm width in red ; and printed border of minimum 5 mm with "DO NOT OPEN", airport name, or any other continuous message or design which may bleed over the edge of the bag. (Optional - integral security device/hidden graphic to show if borders are tampered whit.)

Message : security sign in green in the middle of the security box ; and box in red at bottom stating "Do not open until final destination - contents may be confiscated if bag is tampered with.)

Confirmation / identification features : Receipt space (or jacket, optional) inside the bag visible in the top left of the security box. The receipt should contain the following information: